Bravo Veterans

Less than nine percent of US citizens are able to say that they were once a member of the armed services, so it is hardly surprising that most of us have little or no understanding of what it means to serve our nation in uniform.  New Theater Works wants to help bridge this gap of understanding by collecting veteran’s stories and experiences, and then integrating them into a staged performance some time in 2015.  The production will be presented at a number of venues across New Hampshire, and all the proceeds from every performance will be donated to an organization dedicated to serving our veterans.

Tell us your story…

If you are interested in being a part of this, please look at  for more information or e-mail us at info @

Join Us

We want to eventually make this a national event. In addition to the parades and memorials, we would gather together to learn about the people who have served in our own communities. If you’re a writer who would like to participate, while you certainly don’t need us to do it, we’d love it if you would join our program and share your work with us.

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